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Events 2015:

Events 2017:
  • Ground Breaking Ceremony (8 pages)
  • Signing Ceremony At Suli Shangri La (2 pages)

Events 2018:
  • The Peninsula Residences Launch (5 pages)
  • Green Steam Locomotive Model on Site Office Roof (2 pages)
  • Show Suite VIP Tour (4 pages) -Not Back linked
  • Golf Tournament 2018 (5 pages) -Not Back linked

  • Core Team -Location Portraits (4 pages)
Misc Still Images:
  • Misc Detail Images (office space)
  • Panos & Vistas from GMH
  • Suli Pagoda
Misc Video Clips:

Site Status 2018:

Site Status 2019:

Site Status 2020:
  • 01.19.20 Still Images -Aerial