Julian Ray Photography


Some examples of my work from around the world.

Food: Some food images to explore. Warning! May not want to view just before meal time.
Commercial: A few examples of some projects I’ve worked on.
Places: Just a few that I keep going back to again and again. Then there is the discovery of the new.
Faces: What they can or cannot tell.
Portals: Visual exploration of the art, textures, colours, and creativity of... take a look.
Colours: Sometimes they almost reach out and demand to be photographed.
Nature: The great thing about working on nature shoots is that it keeps me laughing.

Short explorations on a particular theme.... My Blog


A place for images that defy categorization and a place to explore image ideas.
Monsoon: The sensuality of the colours of the Monsoon season
Textures: Exploring the sensuality that are in the world all around us.
Lines: Looking at the pull of a line in an image.
Curves: Some images that look at the power of a curve.